Reign of Pharaohs

Tales From the Crypt

Why do the undead never stay dead?

Summary: a guardian statue is bested. The companions move on the shrine room, which is protected by a skeletal champion. Investigation of the high priests’ burial chamber is interrupted by an undead creature that refuses to stay dead. The companions bed down.


The companions are quick to engage the guardian statue. The stone effigy, a construct shaped of rune-carved clay, proves an imposing figure, swinging its massive quarterstaff in deadly arcing blows. Given the tight quarters, and the range of the quarterstaff, the group is limited in terms of attacking the statue. Va’var and Kreig valiantly trade blows with the guardian, whilst the rest of the group supports from range. A drawn out battle ensues, with the companions victorious, but exhausted from the extended duel.

The companions decide west is best, and open the stylized black-and-white door to reveal a catacomb. Columns carved to resemble men with their arms crossed over their chests, khopesh and ankh in hand, support the ceiling of this long chamber. Deep alcoves in the walls form burial chambers, some of which feature sarcophagi, and some are sealed with stone doors. It is assumed that this is a burial chamber for former priests of stature. A wide passage on the opposite side of the catacombs appears to lead from the room.

The group decides to press-on and by-pass the burial chamber. The passage-way to the south leads to stone double-doors that open to a shrine room. A stone altar flanked by two bronze urns sits against the north wall of this chamber. Three rows of stone pews face the alter. A lacquered wooden cabinet is set against the western wall and a long stone table runs parallel on the east wall. Another set of stone double doors exits the room to the east.

An imposing skeletal champion rises from the throne and attacks the companions as they enter the room. The warrior deftly wields a long spear that glows with magical energy. – spear of watchful guardian, keys -

return to crypt – investigate and find corpse, it attacks – slay creature, but it returns to its feet – hack it again and destroy – find secret door and some loot – return to shrine and bed down

No Carmma, Captain Beefheart or Wormwood



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