Reign of Pharaohs

New Bard Big Hit on Net-Work

The companions mettle is tested

Summary: the sandstorm subsidies to reveal undead creatures as well as a new companion. A construct, guided by the force of the building, aids the group in what proves to be a desperate battle. The companions bed down for the night to lick their wounds.


As the sandstorm subsides, the companions are afforded an unobstructed view of Jill and Captain Beefheart going to ground. The contact is jarring and the floor, surprisingly, gives way under the two. The duo disappear, the tiles whipping back into place in their stead. Jill and Captain Beefheart are nowhere to be seen.

The companions also take note of withered corpses that have appeared at each of the three exits to the nave. The desiccated creatures are wearing rotting religious vestments, their jaws open in silent screams.

A hand bursts through the floor and the shape of a humanoid monstrosity takes form as the tiles, in elastic fashion, mold into some sort of construct. A steely bardic character appears as well, clutching at the construct in a death-grip as it detaches itself from the floor. The hand of the construct suddenly shoots out to grab a walking corpse in the vicinity, lifting the undead creature from its feet. The construct stares silently at the corpse for a period of time, as if some unheard conversation passes between the two. Just as suddenly, the corpse is dropped back to the floor to continue its slow advance on the group.

With the group preparing for battle, the last vestiges of a spell ritual draws their attention directly overhead, where a flying creature has completed the summoning of two smaller other-worldly beings. The two demonic floating heads, similar to the creature faced in the House of Pentheru, b-line for the companions to engage in combat. The larger div above, its face a large eye encircled with razor-sharp teeth, follows the smaller heads.

A large battle plays out. The companions are forced to focus on the undead corpses, a challenging endeavour given how difficult it proves to damage their tough exterior. The demonic heads and floating div strike from above whilst the combat progresses.

The construct joins the fray as well and, in a welcome revelation, battles with one of the undead corpses that is attacking Krieg. It seems the creature has an affinity for the Nethys-sworn battle cleric. With its assistance, the companions are able to overcome the three undead corpses, and focus on the demonic heads. At this time, the construct turns its head and stands motionless for several seconds, before disappearing through the floor. It seems it has other business to attend to.

With the walking dead taken care of, the companions concentrate on the two floating heads. Similar to the undead corpse, they prove difficult to damage. While most of the companions are focusing on them, Bo-jangles the Bard casts a net on the flying div. This proves a successful tactic as the div is ensnared, only to re-appear again behind the bard. A second cast again nets the creature, which then flies at pace to the top of the nave. The bard lets go of the net and watches the entrapped creature attempt another escape.

As the div struggles out of its snare, the companions take advantage of this valuable time to concentrate all their attacks on the vulnerable div. The creature soon succumbs to the veritable damage and blinks out of sight to another plane.

The group, near overcome from the battle, travel back to the entrance-way and turn into the passage leading to a dormitory area. As they explore the cells, several zombies stumble into view and are quickly cut down. The small cells prove untenable to the companions and they continue up a separate hallway looking for a defensible area to bed down for the night.

The short hallway leads to a greeting area, an alcove on one side with an open pool, and two curtained cubicles on the other side. A locked set of stone doors leads to the north. The companions note two corpses that have been dragged and poorly hidden in one of the cubicles. The bodies bare scorch marks. The group beds down in the cubicles for the night and try to rest their weary bones.



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