Pharaoh Khemet III

The Ruby Prince, Pharaoh of Osirion


Khemet III, known as the Ruby Prince, is the current ruler of the nation of Osirion. Although his present age is unknown, the Pharaoh appears youthful – the result of, some speculate, a powerful elixir that grants eternal youth. Khemet III is known to be a powerful summoner.


Seven years ago, Pharaoh Khemet III formally opened Osirion’s ancient sites to foreign explorers. The Ruby Prince understood that adventurers who’ve traveled great distances in search of treasure represent a boon for the local economy. This policy has attracted not only explorers to the desert nation but also countless scholars, private collectors, special interest groups and financial interests from all across the Inner Sea. Not surprisingly, each opening of a major site has heralded an economic boom for both the regional and national economy.

This policy has not proved popular with everyone, mostly notably with the Church of Pharasma which views this activity as licensed tomb robbery.

Pharaoh Khemet III

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