Reign of Pharaohs

The Sarcastic Sarcophagus

The featured plate tonight: Va'Var

Summary: Kreig, Carrma and Wormwood are introduced to the tomb and meet Alice, Captain Beefheart and Va’var. The companions locate a funerary room complete with sarcophagus, which proves to be a fake. A water trap is tripped and Va’var is swallowed. Kreig locates a Pendant of Pharasma which guides him to a secret exit. The sarcophagus is defeated and the companions find the real funerary room and treasure, including Akhentepi’s armor.


As Alice, Captain Beefheart and Va’Var battle a sandling below, a separate group of adventurers begins their day top-side. The group – comprised of Kreig the warpriest, the ever inquisitive Carrma Cameleous, and the goodly Wormwood – don their armor and prepare for the day ahead. The silence is broken by a unsightly braying as a large camel bursts into the midst of their camp, grabs their bag of rations, and clomps away at pace. Despite their amazement at the bizarre scene, they immediately give chase.

The camel proves surprisingly fast, but the adventurers are determined and gain on the desert creature. As they prepare to dive onto it, the sand around their feet begins to give way, and the three humble adventurers find themselves fighting for their lives, as they shoot down a constantly shifting slide of sand. A solid thump announces their arrival in the tomb. The sound of a distant battle is evident.

Gaining their feet, they note a small room of stone walls, a door with a golden beetle leads to the east. Krieg notes some inconsistencies in the northern wall, but before he can investigate, two mining beetles set upon the companions. They make short work of the creatures.

The other companions find themselves fighting for their lives against an elemental serpentine sand creature. Before they can engage in serious melee, Captain Beefheart levels his musket at the creature and fires a critical strike. The bullets pass through the creatures vitals and sand is sprayed against the opposing wall. The remaining sand, void of its elemental life force, falls haphazardly to the ground. The group pushes on through the western doors, which also feature a golden scarab, into the next room.

The mining beetles dealt with, Kreig investigates the northern wall and notes some unique seams. The wall appears to have a cleverly concealed door, although neither Kreig nor his travelling companions can open it. It is assumed it can be opened from the opposite side. They push through the door to the east.

At the same time the other group is pushing through a door on the other side of the new room. Both groups draw weapons, but calmer heads prevail. Introductions are made and the companions, given that their interests are aligned, decide it best to continue their adventure together.

This room features four columns in the shape of Osirian warriors and the floor is tiled in a white spiral pattern. A large tapestry depicts an otherworldly vista dominated by an impossibly tall spire. A brief investigation and the companions are pushing through the north door.

It is locked, but brute force allows the group to continue north, down a short set of stairs to a similar door. Again, force is used to continue. Another short set of stairs to a third door. This one opens easily.

A large octagonal room welcomes you, the center of which is a raised square platform with a stone pillar in each corner. lifesize-king-tutankhamun-sarcophagus-cabinet-1.jpgA gold-trimmed sarcophagus sits in the center, flanked by two statues of humanoid beings with canine heads. Va’var explores the stone platform, while most of the group pushes into the room. Captain Beefheart and Alice remain in the prior room providing ranged support. As Va’var steps on the platform, the southern door suddenly shuts and the northern door opens. Water starts to flow rapidly into the room. The sarcophagus rises and tries to bit Va’var. A melee ensues, and Va’var is bitten and slammed from side to side. The sarcophagus raises him from the platform and swallows him whole.

Unsure of what to do, Carrma and Wormwood engage in melee as well. Kreig explores the room and locates a hidden door to the east. It opens into a slaves quarters, complete with a dozen linen-bound corpses. Each corpse wears a pendant of Pharsma. Kreig adorns one and picks up another. He is instantly aware of a spirit coursing through his body and he is filled with wonder. The judgement takes mere seconds. The outline of a door shimmers into being on the opposite side of the room, the spiral of Pharasma glowing vividly. Kreig throws a pendant to Wormwood and wades through the shin deep water to the door opposite.

The door opens to his touch and the northern door closes, instantly cutting off the gushing water. Alice and Captain Beefheart are able to join the fray, and the sarcophagus is quickly overcome. Va’var is rescued from the construct’s stomach cavity – he struggles free and for once, words cannot describe his happiness.

The companions continue on into the complex and locate an offshoot of the main hallway that connects to the secret door found earlier. It seems to be some sort of escape passage for the builders of the tome. The main hallway leads to a door that appears unlocked.

The door opens with minimal effort, and the companions find themselves in a small room with neatly arrayed chest, boxes and urns. These represent the supplies that Akhentepi would require for his trip into the afterlife. The group, with the exception of Kreig and Wormwood, search the various receptacles and find lots of salvageable grave goods.

Kreig again locates a secret door to the east, which is easy to spot given the shimmering spiral of Pharsma around it. Wormwood opens the door and receives a similar visit as Kreig before – the judgement is successful and the door opens. It leads to a short hallway and another door, this one with intricate carvings in gold relief.

Inside is another sarcophagus, this one in such grandeur that you do not doubt its authenticity. The casket`s cover is carved in the likeness of Akhentepi. Two ornate chests sit beyond the dais with a large funerary urn. Within, you find an exquisite set of padded armour, amongst other treasure such as precious stones.

One half of the promise of fame and fortune found, you collect up your treasure and head back to the surface.



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