Reign of Pharaohs

Enter Sandman

It's off to never-never land

Summary: the group explores the estate’s crypt. After engaging its inhabitants, they decide it best to return to Wati to rest. Before they can exit the estate, Jill and Wormwood are compelled to enter the manse. Their companions pursue, and a large melee ensues with a sandman, flying skulls and a floating demon-head.


The companions investigate the altar room. The shrine has seen much in the way of violence, and they note the familiar sigil of Pharasma. They continue down the stairwell to the next level. The last step triggers a spear trap and spikes impale those on the stairs.

The room at the bottom of the stairway is tiled with stone, but the floor is hard-packed earth, giving the area an unfinished quality. A stone table flanked by large brass urns are the only features in the room.

Carrma cautiously checks out the next room. Stone benches are set against the wall and a set of double doors lead to the south. The beginnings of several shallow, rough passages have been started along the walls. Carrma notes movement in the passageways and returns to the companions.

A brief discussion and a plan of attack is hatched. The companions charge into the unfinished room and attack. Zombies stumble out of the passageways, followed by an adherer. The group engages them as a swarm of undead house cats enters the fray. A challenging melee ensues. The companions target the zombies first, which proves a successful tactic. Once the undead creatures are bested, the swarm of cats scatters soon thereafter. The adherer is last, but finally succumbs to the companions concentrated attacks.

Several members of the group were poisoned during the battle, so the companions believe it best to travel back to the living city to rest before exploring the large stone double doors. The group exits the crypt. As they cross the garden courtyard, Jill and Wormwood suddenly scream and bolt for the estate, bursting through the mansion’s doors.

The remaining companions, not understanding what has occurred, follow soon thereafter. They enter the foyer of the estate. An inner courtyard faces them, a dining room to the north and a parlor to the south. The courtyard features a tiled walkway which surrounds a square patch of earth and sand. Wormwood appears immobile in the center of the courtyard, Jill is nowhere to be seen.

The sands coalesce into a feminine form and she address the group, asking about the gate and the angry mob outside. Kreig detects evil from the lady and the ruse is up. Before they can attack, an aura emanates from the lady and several of the companions fall to the ground in slumber. In the dining room, a half dozen skulls set upon silver goblets turn towards the companions. The sands swirl and the feminine form melts away into a medusa-like horror with tentacles and enormous fangs. The sandman and the skulls attack the companions.

Kreig and Carrma are unaffected by the sleep aura and wake their unconscious companions as the sandman and skulls engage the group in melee. Jill emerges from the parlour and charges the companions.

A large battle ensues. Wormwood channels energy and the skulls explode. The sand-medusa proves much tougher, as the group’s melee attacks pass weakly through the creature. Kreig and Carrma engage Jill while fighting defensively, taking the brunt of her attacks. As they begin to make progress on the sandman, a large floating demon-head appears from the stairway and joins the fray.

Va’var, Captain Beefheart and Wormwood eventually overwhelm the sand creature with their concentrated efforts, and the sandman disintegrates into the floor. The demon-head screams at the loss of its colleague and ascends to the second-floor.

Jill’s eyes glaze over as the div leaves the area and she becomes aware that she is jousting with her companions. She gives a couple of feints for fun and then hugs Carrma in a sisterly embrace.


Ha, epic!

Enter Sandman

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