Chapter 1 – The Half-Dead City

Water is life in the desert, a fact that remains true for much of Garund. Empires rise and fall through the control of the silt laden lands where rivers merge and run. Wati is one such city, where the rivers Asp and Crook merge together to form the powerful Sphinx, the lifeblood of Osirion. For thousands of years the city has been a cultural hub of the great empire, withstanding the tides of time as the world has sifted and shifted around them.

Wati is forever a city better known for its dead than for its living. Behind sanctified walls, an entire quarter of the city, known as the necropolis, quietly sits as a massive, urban tomb – shops, schools, markets, and estates serve as eternal resting places for those lost to madness and disease. Death has become the city’s lifeblood, and from its morbid specialty the city prospers.

For centuries, the city’s famed necropolis has remained closed. Sealed off and under nearly constant guard by the people of the grand city. Yet the time has come. A new Pharaoh, known as the Ruby Prince, rules Osirion, and a new age is dawning for the ancient empire. By royal decree the tombs of the City of the Dead are to be opened, under the oversight of the priests of Pharasma, ancient sites distributed by lottery so explorers and adventurers from far and wide might come and exhume the riches buried there.

And with this ephemeral promise of fame and fortune whispering on the wind, your adventure begins.

Adventure Summaries

Reign of Pharaohs

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